Aquamarine Quartz Crystal Cluster Necklace

Aquamarine Quartz Crystal Cluster Necklace
The beautiful Aquamarine Quartz Large Briolette Embellished with Bead Woven Crystal Clusters

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Posting Comments for Blog Members Contest

Hello Everyone! It has been brought to my attention that comments are not being posted when members write them. Heres the proper procedure for posting a comment:
1. Click on Comment or No Comments (if there haven't been any yet)
2. Type your comment in the box that comes up.
3. Click Publish 
4. At this point you will be given one of those scrambled number codes to enter.
5. Type the numbers code in the box given
6. Once it accepts your numbers code, then push publish again.
7. Your comment will then appear and you will know this because the comments # change.

I'm sorry this process is causing confusion and if I could change it to make it easier, I would. Thanks for those of you who stick with it and get your comments and friends/family members to join the blog. ~Teresa

1 comment:

Curtis layfield said...

Hello my name is curtis layfield and I signed up so my wife can have a chance to win the braclet. The person that told me about the site is Linda Hassenplug