Aquamarine Quartz Crystal Cluster Necklace

Aquamarine Quartz Crystal Cluster Necklace
The beautiful Aquamarine Quartz Large Briolette Embellished with Bead Woven Crystal Clusters

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Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Store is OPEN!

I'm very happy to announce that our online store is now open! It can be found at . We are just getting started so its a work in progress. Some things we will be offering are coupons and discounts for blog members and Facebook followers as well as a customer loyalty program. Another thing we'll be doing for those interested is a customer gallery. If you buy a piece and send a picture of yourself wearing it, you can be added to our gallery if you're comfortable with that. I simply love to see people wearing and enjoying my work. 

If any of you are followers of my old blog Live Well, Be Happy and Help Someone Today, you'll know I love good causes, unsung heroes and wonderful stories about people helping others. I donate whenever I can and I was fortunate enough to be asked to participate in a silent auction to benefit a local family who lost their husband and father last week on a job-site. 

I live in a very small community and I am so proud of the way this whole town has pulled together to honor a neighbor, fellow island dweller, and just all around good, hark-working man named Donald Brown. He once gave my son a ride home when he saw him walking pushing his bike with a flat tire. He was a local whom my husband would run into every morning as they bought their coffee at the local Flash with all the other guys heading to work. My son and his son are school friends. (Its a really, really small town) The pic below is what I managed to design and it will be part of the silent auction to benefit his family and honor his passing. 

I am just so very happy to see my whole town reaching out to his family. We're a close-knit community and he was one of ours. I hope this set brings as much as possible. I wish I could do more. If you're local the event will be at Sliders this Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. There is also a raffle. For more info call Sliders. Be good to yourselves and to one another. ~Teresa


Jan Colburn said...

Hi Teresa, Beautiful quality piece, just like everything else you design...

Teresa Caine said...

Thanks so much Jan!